1. Clean area that the stencil is to be placed with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Remove paper backing from stencil and place on cleaned area.
  3. Carefully remove clear layer leaving all black pieces in place.
  4. Apply a thin layer of glue (too thick is less effective).
  5. Allow glue to dry clear (it will remain tacky).
  6. Apply glitter using smaller brush (if using multiple colors, wipe brush with a cotton wipe and rubbing alcohol to remove glitter from the brush before using another color).
  7. To remove excess glitter use duster brush to brush excess glitter from tattoo area.
  8. Remove stencil - some stencils will have small pieces that will need to be carefully removed with tweezers (careful not to pinch)
  9. Enjoy your tattoo!

Sparkle Tattoos will last up to 7 days depending on the area they are placed. They are waterproof. Pat dry with towel after bathing to avoid rubbing glitter out of the tattoo.

To remove the tattoo, rubbing alcohol, baby wipes and baby oil help break down the glue for easier removal. Do Not apply to face. Adult supervision recommended!

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